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Why freelancing is the future?

Don’t take it from us, the stats below explain why freelancing is your ticket to an exciting, flexible, and rewarding future.


Pakistani freelancers earn an average of $21/hour


50m+ clients are looking to hire talent from freelancing platforms


Pakistan's freelance economy has a 78% annual growth rate

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Our MasterClass

In this masterclass, we've delved deep into the top challenges that freelancers in Pakistan encounter, covering them across 6 comprehensive chapters and 30 insightful topics

The Basics

Every master was once a beginner, that’s where “The Basics” come into play! In this section, we'll cover everything you need to know to get your freelance career off the ground in no time.

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Getting The Job

This part of the course is all about helping you score bigger and better clients so that you can start landing the jobs you deserve.

From writing cold emails to scoring high-ticket clients we’ve got you covered.

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Client Relations

Let's face it - dealing with clients can be tricky. 

This section will help you set the tone for success from landing your very first client to getting them on direct billing.

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We know- documentation isn't exactly the coolest part of freelancing. But trust us, it's super important. 

Head to this section if you want to learn how to write killer proposals, create contracts that protect you and invoice like a pro!

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Scaling Your Business

This section is all about helping you grow and thrive as a freelancer. Learn everything you need to know about upselling your services, managing multiple clients at a time and dealing with the emotional stresses of freelancing.

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Personal Branding

In freelancing, you're not just selling your skills, you're selling yourself. 

That's why we've dedicated an entire section of our Masterclass to helping you build a brand that's uniquely you. Putting yourself out there can be nerve-wracking, but after this section, you'll be on your way to personal branding success.

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The best resources the internet has to offer 📚

Explore our comprehensive and thoughtfully curated collection of tools, resources and templates, all designed to supercharge your freelance career


Still not sure what this is all about? We’ve addressed some questions that may be on your mind

How do I get started with SadaSchool?

It depends on where you are in your freelance journey. Our Masterclass has 6 sections covering topics on getting more business but you’re free to explore the contents and only go through the ones that you need help on. We recommend everyone to join the Discord community though as it is all about valuable discussions and building meaningful relationships.

What is Discord?

Discord is like a super-powered chat room. Unlike Facebook and WhatsApp groups, Discord offers dedicated spaces for different topics, where you can join voice chats, share screens, or simply text, making collaboration and networking smoother. It's more structured, so you can easily find the discussions you care about or the resources you need. On the SadaSchool Discord, you’ll find other freelancers, attend value-packed workshops and stay in the know about the latest tools and resources.

How is SadaSchool different from other course platforms?

First of all, SadaSchool is tailored for Pakistanis. All the training and guidance has been crafted considering areas Pakistani freelancers struggle with and need to compete with global competition. It is also free, focuses on how to sell more and covers the entire freelancing journey, starting from finding your niche to advanced topics like building your own software house/agency.

What can I expect once I’ve completed the SadaSchool Masterclass?

You can expect to make more money. Because we’ve kept the focus on soft skills required to be successful as a freelancer, you’ll know how to brand yourself better, pitch your services like a professional and build long-term relationships with your client. We’ve also covered other aspects of freelancing not commonly talked about such as bookkeeping, negotiation and cold emails so you achieve complete mastery of all things freelancing.

SadaSchool's mission is to build the school of the future for Pakistan's digital generation. It is the most complete, modern and Sada way for anyone to learn high-value skills and join the global economy. Our goal is to enable the next wave of Pakistani talent to make a mark on the world stage.